Source Agriculture Acquires Farmland In The United States.

Source supports wind and solar companies by leasing its farmland for these installations while participating in the revenue for every kilowatt hour produced.
Additionally, Source assists farmers in transitioning to regenerative farming practices to enable the land to better sequester carbon, while also increasing the farmers profit per acre.

About Source Agriculture

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Farming has historically been a hedge against inflation and a long-term stable investment with steady appreciation and cash flow.  As the world struggles with climate change.  Food security, renewable energy, carbon sequestration and soil health are the world’s most pressing issues.

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Why Agriculture?

Supporting the green energy transition with solar and wind farm installations.

Farmland historically has outperformed the S&P 500, Nasdaq, Gold, Real Estate and Timber

With water becoming scarce, the best way to invest in water is through farmland.

A safe haven to hedge against inflation.

Biofuel production.

Revenue from carbon sequestration and carbon credits.

The population is rising rapidly and expected to reach ~10 billion by 2050. More people to feed increases the value of productive farmland.

The plant-based movement is increasing demand on farms.

With a volatile stock market and insecurity in our banking system, farming is an asset class investors are turning to for capital security.

2,000 acres of farmland are lost each day, increasing the value of existing farmland.